About Virion

Virion is an action-puzzle game centered around cellular biology. Players take control of a nanobot sent inside a human body to fight off a deadly rabies infection.   Armed with a calcium gun and other bio-weapons, the nanobot fights through the body to save its host. Every object in the game is analogous to a real cellular structure, and players use this information to figure out how to progress. Virion aspires to be a fun and unique learning experience for anyone interested in biology.  We are currently developing the first level of this multi-level game.

Keep an eye out for a demo video of Level 1 later this fall!

Level 1 Progress
Completed 83%

The nanobot in action!

One of the best ways to figure out how to improve the game is to play it ourselves.
We also sought out the feedback of kids from the community attending the 2017 DIBS Discovery Day!

Game Building

We are building the game with the Unity 3D game engine.  So far, every component of the game has been modeled and stitched together by our undergrad team. This is what the Unity 3D environment looks like during development!

Modeling in Blender

All objects in the game, like the siRNA model at right or the rabies virus capsule (far right), were built by our team in 3D modeling programs such as Blender or Maya.