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Scientists are infamously inept at communicating the importance of their research to non-experts. However, most of the questions they study are of fundamental interest and relevance to society, and it is the responsibility of academics (and ultimately, to their benefit) to effectively translate their research to as broad an audience as possible.

Our project objective is to leverage new media and digital storytelling to improve the connection between basic neuroscience research and society’s understanding of this research – its rationale, significance, consequences and limitations. We aim to achieve this by developing creative and effective means of communicating key issues and developments in memory and disease-related brain research to a broad, non-specialist audience.

We’re here to make it simple.
(Neuroscience + simplicity = Neuroplicity, get it?)

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Neuroscience Researcher Profiles

Neuroplicity profiles neuroscientists who have interesting research that they’re excited to talk about. We attempt to convey the core concepts of their research in an accessible manner and explore how and why they got into the field in the first place. Through animations, videos, and interactive tools, Neuroplicity will introduce you to some of the exciting discoveries the field of Neuroscience has to offer.

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