Neuroscientists are not all the same. They look at the brain in a variety of different ways, ask questions about many different things, and make amazing discoveries that enhance our lives every day.

Fields of Neuroscience

Neuroscientists look at the brain in many different ways, at many different levels. There are Systems Neuroscientists, Cell and Molecular biologists, and Cognitive Neuroscientist, just to name a few. By studying neuroscience at multiple levels we can begin to create a picture of the whole brain!

Basic Research

Basic Research is not what its name implies — in fact, most of the time it’s incredibly challenging!  But it’s also incredibly important, because the goal of Basic Research is to understand how things work, whether it’s  the overall big picture or the smallest of components that make up the big picture. 

Model Systems

A model system is the name used for particular species of animals that have features similar enough to humans that the research conducted on them can be applied to how we humans also work. Scientists often choose model systems based on the type of questions their research is asking. Some animals are better for studying behavioral phenomena while others are better for studying neuronal pathways. For an in depth look at how scientists work with model systems, visit our featured researchers.